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Tripping Circuits

Tripping circuits are a common issue in houses with old appliances, because they usually get loose connections over the years. This may lead to an electrical leakage to the case of the machine, causing the trip of the circuit.

Tripping circuits

When people suffer this problem in their homes, some of them think that is because of a faulty circuit breaker. Nevertheless, in most cases, the circuit breaker is working properly, and the cause is an electrical leakage due to bad wiring or some appliance which gets a lot of use.

In addition to the loss of power, this fault can also involve more dangerous risks for people of the house, even personal injuries, if these issues aren’t addressed. Because of this, if you think there may be a problem with your wiring or the circuit breaker keeps cutting the power to the electrical system, you should contact us. 

At Electrician London, our trained engineers can arrive within the hour to any area of London, so you’ll receive a high quality service in a record time. Then, our electricians will perform diagnostic tests in order to identify the cause of the fault. Finally, they’ll fix the issue in your electrical system, repairing all the loose connections in the wiring.