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Lighting and Switches

If you think that your lighting or your switches are old-fashioned or obsolete, maybe you should get brand new ones installed. Modern lights may require additional wiring to work, so it can be very difficult to do yourself.

Lighting and switches

At Electrician London, we have experienced electricians who can perform lighting and switches installations with high quality and reliable results. In addition, old switches may cause electrical faults, which can lead to serious damage to your entire electrical system. 

Nowadays, lots of people are adding additional switches and lighting in order to replace their old fittings and fixtures. A new lighting will transform and bring new life to your home, making it more stylish and new-fashioned. In addition, it means a big improvement in security matters, because they have better safety measures than older switches and lightings.

Our registered electricians can install these lights and switches with current standards, saving you a lot of time and ensuring you that your electrical installation is safe and up to date. Therefore, if you are interested in getting new lights or switches, contact us to arrange for an electrician to discuss what your lighting and switches needs are and provide a free quote.