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Landlord Periodic Test Inspection

As a landlord, you have the responsibilityof ensuring that the electricalinstallation of your house is safe in order to avoid possible personalinjuries to your tenants

Landlord periodic test inspection

Inaddition, if your property is a House inMultiple Occupation (HMO), you must have carried out a periodic inspection every five years. However, even if your houseisn’t an HMO, you should test it anyway to make sure that your electricalsystem is working properly and there are no electrical faults through it.

Meetingthese requirements may seem to be too complicated; so many landlords aren’tused to test their electrical wiring in a regular basis. At Electrician London, we want to ease allthis testing process for you. We know that landlords and letting agents requirea fast service to carry out theinspections. As well as this, we can arrange a convenient meeting time in order not to disturb your lifestyle toomuch.

Our electricians will fulfil a comprehensivereview of your electrical system, the wiring, switches and sockets. This mightcover a visual inspection of thewiring and connections and making sure that your property has an adequate RCD protection against the risks ofelectrocution and fire caused by earth faults. At the end of the inspection,our engineers will compile a report with all their findings, which we can email both to you and your tenants foryour convenience.