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Fault Finding

Faults with your electrical fixtures and fittings may happen at any time, and the consequences which it might involve would be so annoying. For instance, you could be left without lights or power, or maybe your fuses could be tripping all the time. Due to this, at Electrician London we offer a fault finding service in order to identify the cause of the problem and apply the required fix.

Fault finding

In an initial inspection, the engineer will check your electrical system in order to find any obvious problems. Then, if no faults are found, an in-depth electrical fault test may be required. These tests will be carried out using calibrated electrical test instruments such as multimeters, voltage detectors, megohmmeters (for insulation tests), and more.

When this fault check has been completed, our electrician will make a conclusion. If further work is required, then a full quotation will be issued. Then, we’ll proceed to fix the problem, and fully certify our work, so you know that our repairs are safe and guaranteed. 

 It’s so relevant to do a regular maintenance on your electric system to make sure that there aren’t any problems and it’s meeting with regulations. So, if you suspect an electrical fault at home or at work, call us on 02 080 587 913 or, if you prefer, you can send us an email to info@nikola-Electric.com.