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Extra Sockets

More appliances, game consoles like Wii, Xbox or PlayStation, smartphones, tablets... Every passing day, we need more and more sockets to charge or plug our electronic devices. Because of this, older electrical wiring is becoming obsolete. But don’t worry, at Electrician London we won’t advise rewiring unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you just need additional sockets, the installation process is far easier.

Extra sockets

New sockets can be added to most existing properly electrics provided, if not, then it may be needed some components to be upgraded in order to perform a high quality and safe installation. Because of this, our qualified engineers will check your current electrical system and they’ll advise you if some additional work is needed. If not, then you can expect a same-day quotation and possible installation of any number of extra sockets within bounds of current regulations.

Our experienced electricians work with precision to make sure that they cause minimal damage to your walls while the installation process takes place. Once they have finished their work, they will test the sockets to ensure that the wires are properly connected and everything is working fine. We comply to IEE regulations to offer you a reliable and highly recommended service, giving you the peace of mind that your electrical installation is safe and up to date.