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EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Electrical installations deteriorate over time, causing electrical faults, which can lead to serious injuries to some of the people of your home. Because of this, the Institute of Electricians recommends that any electrical wiring should be inspected and tested at least once every 5 year by a qualified electrician to comply with Electricity at Work Regulations, Provision and the Use of Work Equipment Regulations and Health and Safety Regulations. 

EICR - electrical installation condition reports

At Electrician London, we ensure that all our engineers are registered and are fully qualified to carry out electrical certificates or electrical installation condition reports. Our electricians will test the installation using instruments like voltage testers, continuity testers, RCD testers, earth loop impedance testers, and more. 

During the EICR, our engineers will carry out tests on wiring and fixed electrical items in order to ensure that they are safe. These tests will show if any lack of earthing or bonding exists through the installation. In addition, they may identify defective electrical work or any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards.

Once our electricians have finished their inspections, they will then compile your electrical installation condition report, which will detail any findings. These may include electrical faults, deterioration, defects or dangerous conditions. This electrical certificate will also include any non-compliances or parts of the system which aren’t up to standard.