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Consumer Unit / Fuse Box

Consumer unit is one of the most relevant parts of any electrical system. Due to this, manufacturers keep improving and updating the individual components, so they can ensure optimal security in your electrical installation.

Consumer unit fuse box

If you have recently rewired your home, the consumer unit will need to be replaced too for maximum home safety. But even if you haven’t done a rewiring, if your current fuse box is brown in colour, wooden, has a mixture of fuses or it’s just old and outdated, you should replace it with a new one which is based on the newer regulations. 

We install the latest and safest edition of consumer unit, which reduces the risk of fire, electric shock or some other serious injuries. Because of this, we think that replacing your consumer unit is a standard practice which keeps home and people safer.

Once the replacement process has been finished, our electrician will check that every component is correctly installed.

Even though you can buy these upgraded units quite easily all over the counter, the replacement work must be carried out by a registered and fully qualified electrician. This way, you avoid any fault in the installation process which could potentially lead to bigger problems in the future.