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Installation of electrical panels and cabling in Alperton

See how professionalism and maximum quality in the work, are not at odds with cheap rates... like the ones that we put at your disposal in Alperton for the installation of electrical panels.

The installation of traditional and newly installed electrical panels is carried out, as well as assembly of control panels, power, meter centralization, distribution, etc. Ask about all the possibilities provided by authorized electricians installers... personnel capable of dealing with any problem in the electrical networks.
Maintenance of electrical panels is carried out, but also of many other components related to the networks... and of course help is also provided to solve electrical breakdowns... assistance that can be both 24 hours and maintenance. Communicate with maximum confidence.
Rack Enclosure
The cabinet houses all the cabling elements: switchboard access panels, voice and data panels, active equipment (Hubs, Switch), etc....
Heights are measured in AU (height units).

Switchboard panel
Telephone extensions, switchboard extensions, as well as direct lines and faxes arrive at this panel.

Front panel of Distribution
(Patch Panel). This panel includes structured cabling lines that connect to the Voice/Data point of the user.

Active Equipment
Active computers (Hubs, Switches, etc.) are the ones that distribute data to the computer equipment connected to computers.

The communication cable consists of four twisted cable pairs (blue, green, orange, brown) connected according to EIA/TIA 568 A and B standards.

They are used to connect Rack equipment and connect voice and data lines to the user's phone and computer.