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With works carried out by qualified hands, customers and users obtain safety and solvency when repairing electrical breakdowns due to shunts, short-circuits, etc.

Experience, proven qualifications, installations, components, instrumentation and accessories of the latest technology come into play to ensure that the installations are in top condition.

Contact with electricians in Balham. Speak confidently with our professional electricians who offer you not only repairs, but also high and low voltage electrical installations, signing of electrical bulletins, installation of door entry phones, video door entry systems and many other accessories and elements for a better state of security and control of the building's electrical systems.

In our company we have a long experience in repairing the electrical panels of your installation, we are able to detect the problem, see its origin and fix it with all relevant safety measures.

These panels are used to access certain functions of the electricity in your home or premises through the switches, and also to avoid short circuits and overloads, a very important function.

If you think there is a fault in your electrical panel, leave it to our professional electricians and don't try to fix it yourself as it can be dangerous. These boards protect the electrical circuits that make up your installation thanks to fuses or differential.

We are fast and effective thanks to our service which is available 24 hours a day and throughout the year, because we know that breakdowns can not wait.

Trust our qualified electricians, we are in Balham. Our services are of quality and our results are excellent.