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Nikola Electric was founded in 1997 and it’s based in London. We’re one of the top Electrical Contractor businesses all over the city, and we’ve been twenty years offering high quality and reliable services.

Our team composed of high experienced electricians who always fulfil their works with care and respect, because they understand the importance of customer service.

Electrician London provide you with one of the fastest services of London, covering the entire city in less than one hour and offering a 24/7 service for emergencies. Our extensive selection of services goes from faults and repairs and electrical testing up to new installations.

If you have any question or request, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone for a free quote on 02 080 587 913 or, if you prefer, you can send us an email to info@nikola-Electric.com.

Electrical Rewires

Electrical Rewires in London

The team of engineers of Electrician London really cares about your safety. Because of this, we recommend you to get your electrical wiring tested on a regular basis. If it’s deteriorated, out-dated, or non-PVCu-insulated, you will probably need a rewire. But don’t worry, the cost of the rewiring process will be calculated depending on the extent of the rewiring necessary determined by our electricians.

Extra Sockets

Extra Sockets in London

Do you need additional sockets to plug your appliances or other electronic devices? Your current sockets are out-dated and you think they can be dangerous for you or your family? Then contact Electrician London and we’ll offer you a trusted and high quality extra sockets installation. Request your free quotation now!

Lighting and Switches

Lighting and Switches in London

If you want to transform your garden, new external lighting will transform and bring new life to it, making it more stylish and new-fashioned. In addition, it will improve the security of your home, because they have better safety measures than older outside switches and lightings. At Electrician London, we provide you with an endless selection of outdoor lighting and switches, so you can choose those which fit your needs.

Tripping Circuits

Tripping Circuit in London

Tripping circuits can be caused by potentially dangerous electrical faults throughout your electrical wiring, which can involve electrocution risks for people of the house. Trained engineers of Electrician London will carry out diagnostic tests in order to identify the cause of the problem and then they’ll fix the issues in your electrical installation.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms in London

Electrician London offers a full service in smoke alarm maintenance and installation in London, both for commercial and domestic properties. Fire alarms save lots of lives every year, so they are key elements for the security of your home or business. In addition, in the UK it’s mandatory for every commercial or public building to have a smoke detector installed and maintained.

Fitting New Lights

Fitting New Lights in London

Using the latest tools in the market, electricians of Electrician London will fulfil the installation of your new lights, either wiring new light fittings or replacing old ones. This way, you will save both money and energy with a modern and efficient lighting installation, and you will ensure that your light fittings are safe and everything is properly wired.

Fault Finding in London

Fault Finding

Sometimes, detecting problems in your electrical system isn’t that complicated, but there are some cases when finding a fault takes professional skills. At Electrician London, we’ve got trained electricians who will fix these issues without delays, offering you an expert fault finding service which gets to the root to the problem.

Electrical Repairs in London

Electrical Repairs

Electrician London provides a selection of electrical repairs for your home or business. Our engineers are highly experienced in repairing all types of electrical devices, so we can ensure a high quality service for you. In addition, we’re available 24/7 for any emergency, covering all London in less than one hour.

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Consumer Unit and Fuse Box

Consumer Unit / Fuse Box

If you’ve done a rewiring or your consumer unit is too old or damaged, you should replace it with a new one based on the latest regulations. At Electrician London, we install the safest edition of fuse box in the market, which will ensure optimal security in your electrical system.

IEE Tests in London

BS7671 IEE Tests

We offer BS7671 IEE tests to all London in order to comply with BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations. During these tests, qualified electricians of Electrician London will find out any issues which may cause any risks for people of your home, such as loose connections or deteriorations through the wiring.

Commercial Testing in London

Commercial Testing

Electrician London offers a commercial electrical testing service for every business based in London. This will help finding any electrical issues through the wiring of your electrical system. You can contact us in order to ask for a free quotation or to discuss the electrical testing requirements of your business.

Domestic Testing in London

Domestic Testing

Old electrical installations may have loose connections, wrong installation methods or many other potentially dangerous issues. In order to fix these problems, you should contact Electrician London. We are highly experienced with working with households, so you can expect a high quality work from our registered electricians.

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Electrician London covers all areas of London inside the M25 motorway in less than an hour. We provide you a 24/7 service for any emergency. We work quickly and efficiently. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Electrical Rewires

Electrical Rewires in London

A deteriorated wiring is dangerous and can be a fire hazard if no action is taken. Because of this, at Electrician London, we recommend you not to wait unit something goes wrong to have your electrical wiring seen to. Generally speaking, you should get your house rewired after twenty-five years, but if good inspections and maintenance are carried out you may not need a full rewire. At Electrician London we will check your electrical installation and offer you the best solution for your breakdowns.

Nevertheless, there are many other signs that a rewire may be necessary such as an out-dated fuse box, surface-mounted wiring, non-PVCu-insulated wiring or electrical installations which don’t meet the Electrical Safety guidelines in full.Trust Electrician London.

An electrical rewire is not a simple task and it needs to be fulfilled by a high experienced engineer. Wrong installation methods could cause your rewire to fail compliance and safety regulations and you could be putting your home at risk. In addition, if a rewiring is required then your old fuse box will also be replaced with a new consumer unit. Trust Electrician London to repair your home electrical installation.

The cost of the rewiring process may differ depending on the size of your property and the amount of remedial decoration work required. But don’t worry,in Electrician London we recommend you to trust in our qualified electricians will carry out inspection to ascertain the extent of the rewiring necessary.

Domestic Testing

Domestic Testing in London

At Electrician London, safety is number one priority. Because of this, we want to ensure that your electrical system is working properly and without any electrical fault. Loose connections, wrong installation methods or old appliances can increase the risk of electrocution and electrical fire, which might lead to personal injuries to you or your family.

Our registered electricians carry out electrical works across London, so in Electrician London allowed to issue all of the appropriate certification for all domestic work we undertake. In addition, Electrician London highly experienced in working with households of all descriptions, so we offer you a high quality, insured and guaranteed work.

These inspections need to be carried out on all domestic houses and buildings, chiefly if the building is old, it’s a rented property or it has had a lot of previous owners. In addition, some of these previous owners might have put their own electrics using wrong installation methods. This can potentially be dangerous and also cause damage to the existing electrical wiring in the house.

Your home should be tested at least every ten years; otherwise your insurance company may put the responsibility back on you and not pay out when some damage is caused to the house because of any electrical fault. Because all this, and mainly because of your own safety, don’t put your home at risk and contact with Electrician London.